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Carving Spoons

3 lengths and 2 handle options available, or just the blank. With the blades made of high-carbon steel and very comfortable to hold and work handles made of oak wood, this is one of the best wood carving kits for beginners. And a leather strop with green polishing compound are there for you when you need to give your blades an extra polish.

I rest my thumb on the tool to push it through the wood while I carve, and that isn’t possible with this knife. For a small spoon, however, I found myself constantly shifting my grip on both the tool and project, trying to get the right leverage while avoiding the sharp bevels. Since this was a proof-of-concept I won’t bore you with taking this all the way to a finished spoon!

spoon carving tools

We took price into account as well, and though we did include a couple higher-end options, we tried to keep our prices low, without sacrificing quality. A profile that includes a spoon-like dip near the cutting edge. The length of the “spoon” portion varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, as does the sweep and width of the cutting edge of their standard spoon carving gouge.

S 3 Best Hook Knives For Spoon Carving

We’re also big fans of the plastic tips that are included for each blade, which makes them both easy to store and will help prevent accidental injury when not in use. They’re also thin enough to not take up too much room in a drawer or pouch, making them great for those short on space who still want a full set. The knives fit my large hands very comfortably and are a joy to use. I will be using these knives a lot this summer and fall as I carve some holiday gifts for family and friends.

What Do You Carve Wood With?

Once you are done sharpening it, make sure you give it a nice polish. You can use multiple tools to sharpen a hook knife – whatever you have around will do. It does, indeed, take more time than a classic straight knife. High-quality blade – The blade is built to last and take all the stress associated with wood carving. It is based on high carbon steel – not as durable as stainless steel, but can become way sharper.

I was able to carve more with the grain by using a ‘scraping’ motion to clean up the knife marks and get rid of all the facets. The straight carving knife is very much a typical carving knife shape. You will use it to define overall shapes and then refine them into a finished carving. The curved hook knife is used to carve shallow curved shapes. This is ideal for spoons, small bowls or any carving that requires a shallow curved surface. Unlike other types of knives, hook knives for spoon carving are quite general.

I use it all the time, from spoon carving, opening mail, it’s my knife at lunch-time when I’m out in the shop/woodpile. Those looking to supplement their existing carving tool collection should probably consider this Beavercraft detail knife. It’s designed to be used for intricate and delicate work, such as figurine carving or sculptural accents. By being flexible as well as durable, it’s perfect for creating tiny cuts and for accessing tight or awkward areas of your work piece. Chip carving is the single type of carving that seldom requires a spoon carving gouge.

Another important quality in a hook knife should be the presence of non-slip and textured handles. This kind of handle works best for carving spoons, bowls, etc. The polishing compound included in the set helps your knife blades look glossy, while the wood blank acts as a perfect tool for carving anything. The set includes an attractive bamboo box that helps you keep the tools organized and in order so that you can reach for them whenever you find it necessary. These knives are suitable for any whittling project, carving spoons, bowls, and even letter carving.

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