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About Pi Calligraphy

Pi Calligraphy is a calligraphy studio established in 2015 by its highly artistic and talented founder, Sherviany Tirtawinata. She was in Bali at first for an architecture internship, by the age of 21, she was asked by a senior calligrapher to do a wedding project. With a humble beginning of a couple of markers, a pen and courage to start her first project. She fell in love with the world of calligraphy, and had her heart set on doing weddings. After a couple more jobs, she landed a more jobs through words of mouth. Immediately, her working speed, growing calligraphy skills, and altruistic personality was noticed by the wedding industry. In 3 years, Pi Calligraphy has created a demand for wedding calligraphy in Bali, with distinctive calligraphy styles.

Shervi never formally learned pointed-pen calligraphy of lettering, so as all of her font styles are her own design, the speed with which Pi Calligraphy’s projects are completed is unparalleled to others. This ability makes her to be highly sough-after tin the wedding industry. In addition, her growing knowledge of styling, and her eye for details add to the whole experience of working with her.

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