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Please see below my Terms and Conditions. By making a deposit payment and accepting work to start you are accepting these terms. 


You will be sent PDF proofs throughout the design process for you to check wording, layout and spelling. It is your responsibility to make sure that the wording is exactly as you want it and that there are no spelling mistakes etc. Pi Calligraphy will not be held responsible for any spelling mistakes. Printing will not commence until I have received written sign off from you. By signing off on the final proof you accept responsibility for the information, wording and layout as shown. If errors are discovered after proof approval you will be charged for the time to rework and reprint. Please note that the longer your proofing rounds take the longer your completion date will be pushed back. I estimate the completion time of each order based on my workflow at that time. If proofs or information is not turned around in a timely fashion then your order may be subject to interruption from other orders. For bespoke designs Pi Calligraphy will provide a sketches and three proofs. For collection designs Pi Calligraphy will provide three proofs. This includes a final proof for sign off before print. Any extra rounds will incur my hourly fee of IDR 500.000,-.


Pi Calligraphy holds copyright for all designs and you, or any third party, can not copy or reproduce any of my designs from the PDF proofs sent to you. Any improper use of the stationery and designs will be pursued. 


In the event of an order being cancelled by yourselves Pi Calligraphy will not refund any money once the work has commenced on your order. In the unlikely event of the order being cancelled by me then you will be given a full refund. 

Printing Variations

Please note that samples and proofs may not exactly match the finished product due to variations in the print production process. Printing can result in small variations. Minor differences in texture, colour, size and positioning can sometimes occur and are not classed as a fault. Please be aware that colours appear differently on screen as to printing and we advise that you print all your proofs prior to approving them however colours printed on your home printer are not an accurate representation to those printed by a professional printer and we do not guarantee an exact match. This article offers free shipping on qualified Face mask products, or buy online and pick up in store today at Medical Department

Deposits and Payment

50% deposit must be paid upon booking and before any work commences on all orders. The remaining 50% is due before printing or for calligraphy only jobs on completion before shipping. Bank transfers are preferable but other forms of payment can be discussed. All charges will be paid via invoice. All payments must be paid within 30 days of invoicing. Billing will reflect the actual costs incurred and any client requested changes will be billed additionally. I will advise you of any price changes and your remaining invoice will be adjusted. If there are any adjustments such as actual number of envelopes addressed your final invoice will be adjusted. If the number changes and supplies have already been ordered by us then you may be subject to extra costs for getting more supplies ordered. It is advisable to order extra to allow for these changes.  

Addresses and Information

Please make sure all information provided is correct. All guest information for stationery must be provided correctly. Pi Calligraphy does not accept any responsibility for spelling mistakes or wrong information that you have provided. If a rewrite is needed then this will be charged on your final invoice along with a IDR 250.000,- set up fee.

Address Lists

Please layout your address lists as the example sent to you. This helps me centre and layout the envelopes as perfectly as we can. Any time spent reformatting your addresses will be charged at an hourly rate. Please triple check all spelling and etiquette. 

Extra Materials

If we are handwriting items for you whether it be place settings or envelopes then we ask that you provide 20% extra materials. I am only human and unfortunately mistakes do happen. With printing we suggest ordering more rather than less than you need in case of unforeseen circumstances. Reprints will incur a minimum charge and set up fee.  

Organic Items

I love to do calligraphy on whatever I can. If you want to use leaves, shells, wood or any other organic matter you can think of on your wedding day then we would love to do calligraphy on it. If you are providing these items then they must be provided to me cleaned and ready to write on. 

Calligraphy and the Post

We are not responsible for any invitations and envelopes that do not make it to their intended address. Please check your address list carefully to fully ensure that all addresses are correct to minimize the chance of this happening.

Guest Lists and On The Day Details

It is your responsibility to provide your guest lists and all on the day details by the deadline given to you (usually at least 3-7 days before your event date) if for some reason you cannot meet that deadline then please discuss an alternative deadline with me, this may incur a rush charge. Any information provided late will incur a rush charge and potentially push the delivery day. Any changes made after your job has been completed will incur a IDR 250,000,-  set up fee.

Data Protection

All information collected from you is confidential and will only be seen by Pi Calligraphy and our printing partners if necessary. We will only ever ask you for the information we need for your order and shipping. Your information and data will be deleted by Pi Calligraphy 90 days after the final job completes. This includes any address, guest lists and and wording for your stationery or signages.  Emails will be deleted within 12 months of the final job completing..


Pi Calligraphy reserves the right to use samples of your stationery for photographs, portfolio and marketing purposes. This includes photographing and using them on social media and website, including them in sample packs and displaying them at wedding fairs and events. If you do not want us to use your samples for future marketing then please let us know.

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