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Event Signages, Handmade Invitation, Envelope addressing, on the spot calligraphy, seating charts, place cards, and custom pieces.

I provide a one set of invitation for my clients to use on their photoshoot session. For example, I will calligraph the bride and groom’s names and made a one of a kind invitation then send them to you to incorporate into your wedding da, a full hand-calligraphed invitation suites and envelope with addresses as well.  

Yes, we can brainstorm together about what you desired and provide you with a suggestion of my favourite style so that we can make magic together.  

Yes, I have a collection of different signs and easels that I rent out. I offer these as a convenience so that you can rent it directly together with the calligraphy. My collection of signage is always evolving. If you have a specific rental in mind for your big day that you want, please let me know! Browse our partner-sponsored Glasses, with a variety of options to suit every taste and budget, available to buy online

Of course! Always! Usually the decorator can provide me with the media and I can my calligraphy on it.

Style of Lettering

When it comes to lettering on paper, I usually work with a pointed pen, and for the signages usually used a marker. I have a modern script, a classic script, and a script that mixes both. I also offer a block lettering script that complements my other styles.  

I’m active on social media and regularly update my Instagram (@picalligraphy).

I always recommend sending me your inspiration so that I can see what you want aesthetically. While my hand can’t exactly duplicate another font, I can adjust my style of calligraphy to suit your inspiration in a way that is still true to myself.

Yes, I encourage my clients to send me inspiration photos—especially if they have something very specific in mind. This helps me understand the layout and sizing of the lettering and the whole theme surrounding the wedding. I always remind my clients that all calligraphers and hand-letterers are different, with different hands and styles.


Please contact me directly for a quote. 

Sometimes, yes. Depending on the order size and quantity, there may be an additional charge. Writing on textured or handmade paper takes much more time and dulls my writing tools faster than writing on normal paper. 

No, the quote remains the same regardless of what kind of styled lettering you choose.  

No, I do not charge an additional fee if you elect to go with a colour other than black. I actually mixed my inks by myself so we can get creative on the colours.


Everything varies on how complicated the design and how busy my calendar is. Generally speaking, I need 2 to 4 weeks for a set of 100 to 200 envelopes. Contacting me well in advance of your mailing date will avoid any rush fees that could be applied later. 

Ideally, I need to know as soon as you know you will need this service and have an event date scheduled. However, I realize that the details of your signage, seating charts, and place cards may not be finalized until close to the date of the event. So I can book you on my calendar in advance but wouldn’t need the details of your wording until the week before the event at the latest. 


Email us at or WhatsApp me directly to +62-857-2010-1096

You can shipped the item directly to me. Signage likely needs to be delivered to me.  

Yes. This is an absolute yes because, well, stuff happens. Please be sure to include 15% extra for any orders over a quantity of 100 and a 15 quantity minimum for orders less than 100. This is industry standard. Please include more than 15% if your order is a rush order.  

As long as my schedule allows, I’m happy to accommodate stragglers and changes after your order has been completed. Please know that such requests might be subject to a rush fee depending on the turnaround time requested. I always keep several sets of extra materials after the order is completed for this reason.  

Yes, I offer delivery to event venues and surrounding areas in Bali. 


At present time, I do require a 50% deposit for any work. Payment is required in full upon completion of the finished work and prior to delivery/pickup. 

Once you have approved your quote, you will be sent an invoice for payment. Payment can be done via transfer to BCA or paypal.

The Other Stuff

Yes, I do private calligraphy classes and workshop on occasion. Follow me on Instagram @picalligraphy for more updates!

Yes! I’d love to! I’m happy to appear at select events with pen and ink in hand to surprise your guests! 

Of course for the small items I can shipped them, but for the large signage there would be an additional travel fee and accommodation.

I took an brush calligraphy workshop, but I never formally learn pointed pen or lettering so a lot of my styles are developed with a lot of practice and I have had hundreds of hours of practice since then.

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